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« Pierre-Luc Poujol » – artist’s portrait

In spring 2023, Pierre-Luc Poujol wins the “artist’s portrait” prize awarded by ADAGP in partnership with Arte Studio production.

In September, the artist opened the doors of his studio to filmmaker Charles Devoyer. Together, they offer viewers a unique immersion into the artist’s world.

« La chute »
– at the heart of the creative process

In a charred forest destroyed by fire, Pierre-Luc Poujol invites us into the heart of the creative process behind his installation entitled “La chute”. A major work in his “Empreintes” series, it will be presented at the Museum Paul Valéry during his “Arborescences” exhibition from March 23 to May 26, 2024.

« Résonances » – Solo Show

In collaboration with the “Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles”, the city of Castelnau-le-Lez and its bishopric, the painter Pierre-Luc Poujol signs the first personal exhibition of the historical church Saint Jean Baptiste in Castelnau-le-lez from June 4 to September 19, 2021.

This artist whose technique surprises, presents a singular composition of his works in resonance with the stained glass windows of the artist François Rouan and the furniture of the architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte.

« Vernissage and performance »
– at Nezhakanouni gallery.

Born of their collaboration for several years, the new exhibition of Pierre-Luc Poujol in the gallery Nezhakanouni Interior Design in Marbella was crowned on April 29, 2021 with an exceptional performance of the artist.

On a swimsuit signed Virginia Macari Swimwear, Pierre-Luc Poujol has highlighted his techniques of dripping and projection characteristic of his work.

A unique piece made public and offered during the charity gala “Vision du Monde” held in Marbella in August 2021.

« In workshop’s heart » – JT France Télévision

Solicited by France Television in February 2021, the artist Pierre-Luc Poujol decided to immerse cameras, journalists and viewers in his world and his studio in the south of France.

« Poujol becomes ambassador of Coeur de Fôret » – meeting with the director Charlotte Meyrueis.

Sensitized to the preservation of forests, the painter and sculptor Pierre-Luc Poujol decided to commit himself in the spring of 2022 to the association Coeur de Forêt by becoming their first ambassador.

At the heart of this partnership is the central concern that unites the artist and the association: the link between humans and their environment.

A meeting between art and forests that promises to work for the preservation of forests and their highlighting.

« The pictorial adventure of Pierre-Luc Poujol : An ode to nature » – TV Vià Occitanie

Pierre-Luc Poujol was the guest of the Vià Culture program on April 13, 2023.

On the set, the artist comes back on the key exhibitions of his career and on those to come. He presents his next monographic exhibition which will be held in New York from April 17 to May 20, 2023 and his future large immersive museum exhibition planned for spring 2024 at the Paul Valéry Museum in Sète.